Author Guidelines

Submission Guide for Authors

This journal is published two editions annually in which there are only selected articleswill be published in each issue;
Any articles submitted in this journal should be based on research, original and has not been published and/or sent to any journal or media. The writer should sign the statement letter which strengthen about this issues by confirming the submission checklist.


Articles should be between 3000-5000 words long excluding references, appendices, tables, and figures. In general, an article should consist of the following:

  1. Title. The title should be specific and not more than 12 words.
  2. Name and affiliation. All submitted papers should be accompanied by short biographies of the author(s) that consist of author/s' full name, place and date of birth, education, occupation, address, and affiliation along with a valid email address.
  3. Abstracts. Abstracts of 150-200 words are required for all articles submitted.
  4. Keywords. Each article should have between 3 - 5 keywords.
  5. Introduction. The introduction should consist of background, research problem, objective, and hypothesis (if any).
  6. Literature review. This part covers previous research and theoretical studies that are employed to build the research framework.
  7. Methodology. In general, it comprises research design, data collection techniques, and data analysis.
  8. Result and discussion. This part discusses the research findings based on data analysis. The researcher should analytically interpret the data and linked it to the theoretical framework.
  9. Conclusion. The last part of the article and should consist of a conclusion and suggestion or recommendation.
  10. Citation. SHARE utilizes in-notes (body note) format using Chicago Manual of Stlye 17th. The author is required to employ a citation software (such as Mendeley). 


It is placed in the very last part of the article. It should be referred to the resources cited in the article. The writing should comply with the following 


For consistency and convenience, please use the templet we already prepared for author(s)